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Philadelphia is still reeling in its glamour from the turnaround events of its changed status of becoming the newest and fast-growing city in the East Coast.

Do you wonder why most people are searching for the best neighborhoods to live in the Philadelphia area?

Once being cited as “The Next Borough” by The New York Times, it has lived to clinch the title due to major historical attractions. These include Amtrak Train and the historical landmark 30th Street Station.

Apart from the attraction sites, affordable housing and upcoming businesses are some of the reasons for the sudden growth of Philadelphia City.

The “City of Brotherly Love” is a place where you would wish to spend the rest of your life.

If that is the case with you, here are the current 2019 best neighborhoods to live in the Philadelphia area.

  1. Fairmount

New residents moving to this area will first get attracted to the Art Museums that are the pride of this area. Fairmount is also known as the “Art Museum Area” is a short walking distance to Philadelphia Museum of Arts, Rodin Museum, and many other beautiful sites.

If you choose this suburb as your new residence, you will enjoy every moment of your life doing what many envisage in their dreams.

The various Fairmount restaurants and their authentic gourmets will give you new foods experiences.

Fairmount is rapidly growing in both commercially and residentially in real estate and rentals. It is the best setting for all age brackets including the retiring seniors and the young life starters.

The area is the best neighborhoods in Philadelphia for families. Everyone will have their life-take however they want it.

  1. Old City

Old City is a blend of historical life and modern life. How is that you wonder?

Without interfering with the old city homes, a few innovations here and there have been added to enhance the traditional olde worlde with modernization.

The name defines precisely the mood the area creates. However, to stir you out of the old nostalgic historical mood, there is the other side of vibrant nightlife of nightclubs, sidewalk cafes, restaurants among others.

The new and rehabbed condos and lofts are the main attraction for buyers and investors in this area making good returns for their investments.

Old City is one of the best neighborhoods in Philadelphia for singles.

  1. Fishtown

Popularly known Fishtown due to its earlier shad-fishing trade and a home for fishers, the life here has tremendously changed with time.

Even though fishing still continues much of the activity has changed over time. The area is popular with vibrant hipster life of music scenes and art.

The old factories have been remodeled to modern lofts and what used to be tiny row homes have been modernized to luxurious roof-decked homes with the view the magnificent city skyline.

The gradual increase of modern residential homes has birthed modernity in recreation life such as music venues, bars, restaurants, and the likes.

The once fish harbor is now Philadelphia’s musical, artistic, and culinary.

You wouldn’t want to miss such a life.


  1. Manayunk

Manayunk is one of the best suburbs in Philadelphia city with a difference of 20 minutes drive or train ride.

The area’s name originates from Philadelphia native tribe Leni Lenape meaning “place where we come to drink.”

However, the simple life the natives Leni Lenape used to lead in this neighborhood has emerged with modern upscale real estate from the 19th-century buildings.

The properties coming up are ready-made condos waiting for sales whenever real estate business starts booming in this neighborhood. Despite a few investors coming from outside, the houses belong to families who have undertaken to rehabilitate them to modern housing.

If you are living in Philadelphia-2018, you would want to make arrangements to acquire one of these condos in preparation for your relocation.


It is with no doubt the insights to these four 2019 best neighborhoods to live in the Philadelphia area has brought you closer to home in your decision making on where to live.

Would you like to share your decision with us or make any other comment? Leave your comments in the section here below.

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