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Home is where your heart is…….

The originator of this cliché knew that a home must give you comfort that you can’t find elsewhere.

You should make your new home cozy so that you can always look forward to arriving home rather than dreading it.

But how can you achieve in creating that ‘hygge’ atmosphere in the midst of winter drudgery? We all need that feeling of ‘at last I’m home’ when you hit the door of your house and especially during that cold season.

Follow the conversation to get 4 tips for achieving maximum coziness in your new home.

  1. Wall Color

Gone are the days when walls colors were either white or ‘egg white’ as they used to call it. You need to create an ambience with colors, to begin your creation. Color can completely transform a drab house into a bright and welcoming home.

Consider soft alluring colors that won’t create a focal point but rather what will complement your interior décor as a whole. But, if you are one for dark colors, have no worries. Colors such as brown or gray can still cause cozy feeling in a home.

  1. Interior Décor

Transform your space with your style. Shop around for what attracts you and bring out that artistic nature by adding your taste designs. Remember, it is all about you. It is what pleases you in your home that should satisfy your visitors but not vice versa.

Throw in extras that will lift your couch or your floor. For instance:

  • Rugs

Extra thick rugs here and there will surely feel cozy when walking on them and especially when your feet experience the deep-sinking feel in the rug.

If you are not one for woven rugs, consider faux fur (sheepskin) accent rugs, one or two to create softness, luxury and warmth to a cold lusterless floor.

You can also add an attractive fluffy blanket to cover yourself when you are either reading or watching your best TV program.

  • Cushions

Big different color cushions on your couch will not only be attractive but cozy as well. If your sofa has its pillows, then additional small cushions in different colors would do the magic.


  • Lighting

Do away with traditional bulbs and try out stylish bulb holders with efficient bulbs which have various great designs for your selection.

Create an antique look with the stylish incandescent-style LED bulbs which are better than the traditional bulbs or the fluorescent in saving your power bills.


  1. Potted Plants

While plants are attractive, they add life to a home. They also improve air quality inside the house.

Create a tranquility atmosphere that is soothing and relaxing by having potted plants on selected spots.

Plants such as Aloe Vera and Indian Basil will not only add coziness but, will also clean your air inside the house.



  1. Photographs

You can touch your walls with artistic pictures or framed family photographs. A few pictures adorned on the wall will remove plainness and bring about inspiration to unwind after the long day of hustle and bustle.


Last Word

When you are designing your home, merge beauty with comfort. Don’t live one for the other but consider both of them for your mental and physical relaxation.

Are you ready to create your home? Tell us about it in the comments section here below.

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