A Buyer’s Agent is a Great Help in a Philadelphia Home Search

A Buyer's Agent is a Great Help in a Philadelphia Home Search

When Philadelphia homebuyers begin their thought process of purchasing their next Philadelphia home they often wonder if they need the help of an expert local buyers agent to purchase their next home.

What a Buyers’ Agent Is

A buyers’ agent in a real estate transaction is a real estate agent who represents the buyer and acts in the best interest of the potential homebuyer. Unless a home is being sold under a dual agency they represent only the buyer in home sale negotiations and another agent represents the home seller.

A buyers’ agent has different goals than a seller’s agent. Each agent is hired to represent the goals and distinct best interests of their client. Making sure you have an agent who is solely representing you as the home buyer will ensure that you are getting the best attention to what you need from a Philadelphia home purchase.

What a Buyers’ Agent Can Provide for a Home Buyer

A buyers’ agent is there to focus on guiding you through the home-buying process and to assist you in househunting for a Philadelphia home that meets your personal search criteria. Some of the standard services buyers’ agents offer include:

Searching for homes

Finding a home in Philadelphia that fits you can quickly become overwhelming. Philadelphia is a large city and finding a home that has what you are looking for can take a very long time when you are not sure where to start. Working with a buyer’s agent will help you narrow down what you are looking for in a home. Once your agent knows the type of home you want to buy they can do some of the searching for you. They will have some homes and neighborhoods in mind when you describe what you are looking for. An agent can cut your search time significantly.

Making home tour appointments

When you have found some properties you are interested in, all you have to do is let your agent know you would like to take a look at the home and they will set up an appointment to tour those homes. They will take you through the homes and help highlight the attributes of the home you are looking for.

Helping a buyer compile a strong offer contract

When you find that home that you love after touring it, you will want to make a purchase offer. A purchase offer in today’s market when inventory is low is more than just offering an amount of money. Making a strong offer matters in having the offer accepted or enticing the home seller to make a counteroffer instead of receiving a rejection. They will also help you to process a fair price offer and help advise you on any needed negotiations.

Communicate and negotiate with the seller’s agent

When you have compiled a strong offer your buyers’ agent will do the work of taking/communicating the offer to the seller’s agent or the home seller if they are selling without an agent. They will use their expertise to present your offer as a great one and to communicate with the selling party on your behalf. It is like hiring an expert lawyer in a legal matter.

Help you find other needed professional services

When your offer has been accepted you need to find an appraiser or an inspector. a buyer’s agent can give you a list of names of professionals they know in those fields that you can trust because former clients have worked with them. An agent will not pressure you to use these networked contacts merely refer you to them and let you decide.

The best buyers’ agents in Philadelphia make sure that they are open to answering any questions from potential clients before they are hired. They are open and honest and will also ask questions about what their potential clients are looking for in a home as well as their specific goals and their comfortable affordable budget for purchasing a home. They will look to the buyer’s best interests and not try to encourage a buyer to purchase a home outside of the communicated parameters.

If you are looking for a professional to help you purchase your next Philadelphia home I am here to help! I am highly knowledgeable in all Philadelphia and greater Philadelphia real estate. I am here to listen to your home-buying goals and help you meet those goals as closely as possible.