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About The Company

Victory Real Estate LLC was founded in 2017 by Leron Grossman, Broker of Record and CEO of the brokerage.

Victory Real Estate LLC is committed to providing all clients with dedicated guidance, exceptional, personal service and unique offers at every level of budget.
At Victory Real Estate LLC, all of our Agents are members of the National and Greater Philadelphia Associations of REALTORS®.

We specialized in single & multi family residential real estate and our agents will be happy to help you buy, sell, rent, mange or even with consultation; we practice real estate for a living and exude vast knowledge of the Philadelphia and all the surrounding suburb’s market, trends and property values.

Our agents go above and beyond your average salesman by creating in-depth reports of the surrounding area/s, comprehensive research/es before any real estate deal, while offering unique tips and strategies for guiding your real estate decisions.

We hope you choose to be a part of our clientele and we can guarantee that you won’t find the same opportunities and customer service elsewhere!

About The Broker Of Records

Leron Grossman is in the real estate industry since 2012 and has an extensive experience in the real estate market, participating in variety of real estate transactions as investor, developer, consultant, realtor, broker, flipper, financier, seller, buyer and venture capitalist. 

Leron is well recognized within the real estate industry for his expertise, strict ethical standards and for delivering unmatched benefits and results to his clients; He personally trained all of the brokerage’s agents, and actively assisting and supervising all deals behind the scene.

We, The Realtors at Victory Real Estate LLC, Are Far From Just Ordinary Agents!

We are a group of professionals who pride ourselves with dedication, honesty and hard work. 
We also pride ourselves in the use of the latest technology and innovation to maximize the results for our clients. 

We understand that buying or selling a home can be one of the most important and biggest decision ever made in a life time, and that is why we provide a personalized approach for everyone who works with us.

The difference between buying or selling your home or failing to do so lying in the details. Whether it is our proven sales approach, effective marketing campaigns, or utilizing our extensive network.

At Victory Real Estate LLC – no detail is overlooked! 

There are many components to a successful real estate transaction and you can count on us to be there for you in every step of the process, while making sure no detail is overlooked. 

With a proven track record, the right skill set, and years of experience, Victory Real Estate team has the right tools to successfully buy or sell your home.

If you are serious about buying, selling or leasing your home, we are serious about getting the job done.

With us it is always a win!

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