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Ardmore is a small town in the western portion of greater Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. It is located in both Delaware and Montgomery Counties and over 13,000 have made Ardmore their home. It is known as the most populated Philadelphia suburb but offers a quieter atmosphere compared to living closer to Philadelphia’s downtown core. Though it is quieter it still offers plenty to do and is just a short distance from downtown. If you’re considering a move to Ardmore, I’d love to share more about this amazing community. Read below the real estate listings to learn more about this Philadelphia suburb.

About Ardmore PA

Ardmore is a suburban community/city of Philadelphia Pennsylvania. It is a longstanding community of the main line and as such is known as “the main street of the main line.”Ardmore Homes for Sale

Ardmore is the home of the largest community of Philadelphia’s main line it is also home to the government of Lower Merion Township which is the main line’s most populated jurisdiction. This is one of Philadelphia’s most charming areas to live full of some of the United States’ most interesting and unique history.

And even with some of the most impressive historic architecture and several amazing and unique historical features and stories, there is a young and fresh culture and community in the Ardmore neighborhood. Lancaster Avenue the actual main street of Ardmore is where you will find most of the activity in Ardmore. There’s always something to do here from live music to some of the best breweries and restaurants. It is a lively place for young adults and really anyone looking to have a great time.

What is the Main Line?

The main line is one of Philadelphia Pennsylvania’s most prominent residential suburban areas. This area of Philadelphia is steeped in rich history and is known as the main line for its location along the main railroad line that ran through the area during its formative years.

Today the main line of Philadelphia is purely a substantial and highly desirable residential suburban area of the city. Here you can find some of the most beautiful historic luxury homes. The entire main line area consists of 17 different towns throughout Pennsylvania mostly notable is Philadelphia’s main line neighborhoods. There are however officially other towns with neighborhoods within the main line including towns located in Montgomery, Delaware, and Chester counties. All of which are right along the original main line of the Philadelphia railroad.

The railroad was developed as a sort of competition amongst Philadelphia’s most prominent businessmen. With entrepreneurs in New York forming the Erie Canal to open a large trade route, and competition to the south and Maryland through Baltimore along the railroad connecting into the Midwest. Prominent and wealthy business seekers in Philadelphia got into the game with the railroad spanning 82 miles from Philadelphia through Lancaster and ending in Columbia to the banks of the Susquehanna River. This was the first railroad in the world built with government funding.

But as the project became too expensive the Pennsylvania Railroad Company officially took it over and built three stops along the tracks that eventually grew into 17 that stand today. The train first carried cargo and then became a means for carrying commuters quickly to jobs farther from home. The ease and convenience of travel along the main line through Philadelphia’s elite to set up house in Philadelphia’s countryside. Today you’ll find some of the most impressive luxury homes and historical mansions in the country on Philadelphia’s main line.

Ardmore Homes for SaleArdmore History

The beginnings of Ardmore reach back to the year 1853 and the community was originally known as Athensville. The name Ardmore came about as the Pennsylvania Railroad Company built their main line through the area and renamed the railroad station and by default, the town around the station took on the new name as well in 1873.

Ardmore is the birthplace of the nation’s first shopping center known as Suburban Square which opened in 1928. Today Ardmore has many great shopping areas mostly how along Lancaster Avenue.

Schools in Ardmore

Ardmore is served by two school districts. Young residents of Ardmore living within the Lower Merion Township portion of the suburb attend schools serviced by the Lower Merion School District. Students within the Haverford Township area attend schools in the School District of Haverford Township.

The headquarters of the Lower Merion School District is in Ardmore. This school district oversees some of Pennsylvania’s most highly ranked schools including Lower Merion High School ranked number five in the state. This school retains an A+ overall grade from the website which continuously studies and ranks public schools across the nation.

Haverford Township School District has 7 schools in total. Five elementary schools, 1 middle school, and 1 high school. It is a smaller school district that holds a pretty high ranking on websites such as

21% of the students in Ardmore attend private schools which is a higher average than the rest of Pennsylvania. There are many great private schools in the area the top-ranked private school is Torah Academy of Greater Philadelphia.

Ardmore’s Popular Places

Lancaster Avenue is the center of activity in Ardmore. Many of the city’s businesses, restaurants, nightlife, shopping, etc are found on the street or within a few block’s radius. Other prominent streets included Rittenhouse Place and Cricket Avenue.

The west end of Ardmore is home to most of the retail stores including all of the shops at Ardmore West and Ardmore Plaza Shopping Centers. But Wynnewood Plaza Shopping Center can be found on the east end of town. Ardmore’s first shopping center is located north of the Ardmore train station which started all of Ardmore’s development.

There are many great outdoor areas of Ardmore. One of the most popular includes the Vernon V Young Memorial Park which is home to the Ardmore Avenue Pool and the community center that is known by locals as “The Shack.”  Other popular parks in Ardmore are Lindmore Park and Normandy Park. Merion Golf Club is another prominent area to enjoy the outdoors with a game of golf and is next to one of the area’s most prominent housing communities Merion Golf Manor.

Finding a Home in Ardmore

I’d love to help you find a home you love in Ardmore. If your search reaches beyond Ardmore I am happy to help you find the home you are looking for in the greater Philadelphia area. Contact me at any time for more information on Ardmore real estate or any Philadelphia real estate or properties.

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