Attracting Multiple Potential Buyers to Your Home This Spring

Attracting Multiple Potential Buyers to Your Home This Spring

When you decide to list your Philadelphia home for sale the last thing you want is for your home to sit on the market for much longer than anticipated or to receive a low offer. To help avoid this there are some things a homeowner can do to make their home stand out and catch the attention of multiple homebuyers. The more potential buyers that see your home online the more that will come to have a further look in person. And the more buyers who see your home in person, the higher your chances of receiving an offer.

The first step to success in selling a Philadelphia home is to hire an expert local real estate agent. Research shows that homeowners who work with an agent have increasingly better success in selling a home and selling it for the best price possible.  Then look at these steps for getting your home ready to attract buyers and sell.

Curb Appeal

Catching the attention of potential buyers begins with curb appeal. It is the first photo often seen on an online listing. It is also the first place people notice when seeing the for sale sign out front. Make sure that the landscaping is well groomed, the exterior paint and siding are in good shape, the front porch is immaculately clean and fresh as well as the driveway and walkways, and the roof is clean of debris. This is a first impression that is crucially important.

Highlight an Office Space

If you can create a home office or at least stage a workspace in a corner of a room, this will draw more buyers to your home. Many more Americans are working from home today than just a few years ago both part-time and full-time.  Creating that your home is an ideal place to work from will garner the interest of buyers.

Create Outdoor Living Space

The outdoor space of a home has become more and more desirable to homebuyers over the years. Outdoor spaces started popping up at the top of buyer lists well before the pandemic that shut everyone inside. That only increased a buyer’s desire to have a great outdoor space they can enjoy anytime they want.

Make sure to stage an area in your yard that works as a living space. A place to sit and relax or entertain guests. Incorporate some seating especially if you already have a deck or patio. Consider adding a dining table or a fire pit as well.

Spruce up the Kitchen

The kitchen is still one of the most important rooms in the house for homebuyers. You want to make sure that your kitchen is looking its best. Give it a deep clean and if it could use a little updating you can opt for some budget-friendly spruce-ups like changing out the drawer pulls and other hardware or painting the cabinets.

Stick with Neutrals

Making sure that you have a neutral color palette that appeals to a majority of tastes or is expected at a home for sale is the best route to go. Not everybody likes everything to be neutral but it helps to show the function of a home without taking the attention away from the home. Buyers expect to see a subtle neutral decor. It is almost like looking at a sample of a product. Sticking with simple neutral staging in your home will help a buyer see the home and not the furnishings. Again you don’t want to detract from focusing on the attributes of the home.

Using a Professional Photographer

When you have photos taken for your online listing it is always best to use a professional photographer. The photos of your home online will be seen by the largest number of buyers. You want to make sure that these photos are inviting and intriguing. That they show the space in the best way possible to get buyers to want to take a closer look at the home. The professional photographer knows the right angles and the right spots to focus on to catch a buyer’s attention and have them call up their agent to schedule a showing.

If you are preparing to sell your Philadelphia home I am here to help. I can help get your home sold successfully for the best price possible. Contact me anytime with any Philadelphia real estate needs both buying and selling Philadelphia homes.