Bella Vista Homes for SaleBella Vista Homes for Sale

Bella Vista, two Italian words meaning “beautiful sight”  is one of Philadelphia’s most desirable and well-known central/”downtown” neighborhoods. Located in what has been labeled the South Philadelphia portion of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. It is found within the boundaries of 6th Street, 11th Street, South Street, and Washington Avenue. If you are interested in properties in Bella Vista and considering a move here, I’d love to share more about this amazing community. Read on below the real estate listings to learn more about this neighborhood.


About Bella Vista

Bella Vista is a longstanding cultural gem of Philadelphia neighborhoods. This mix of commercial and residential spaces is a sort of gateway from Central Philadelphia into South Philadelphia. With a well-known history of Italian immigrants settling into the area, they have formed some of the most iconic spots in the neighborhood to a welcoming atmosphere that has made room for new cultural offerings and experiences. Bella Vista continues to be a place of honored tradition along with a mix of new adventures that has led residents both settled and comfortable for many years and new and ready to benefit from everything Philly has to offer to find a home here.

History in Bella Vista

Settlement in Bella Vista began in the 1840s and in its earliest days, it was known as Moyamensing Township. The first people to settle into this area near the city core were Irish immigrants and freed African American slaves who had migrated north from Southern Territories at the time. As the neighborhood grew there was an influx of Italian immigrants to the neighborhood in the later 1800s.

As Italian immigrants settled into the area they began to establish institutions that stand today and help to ground the neighborhood. The most notable of course is the S. 9th St. market which is in a way the entrance to the neighborhood from downtown and better known as the Italian Market.

One of the first Italian immigrants to the area was Antonio Palumbo he opened a famous boardinghouse known as Palumbo’s at the corner of Ninth and Catherine in 1884. This boardinghouse soon became the social hub of the growing Italian community. There was planned construction for a S. Street Expressway through the neighborhood in the 1960s but these plans were dropped. This led several of the residents to move to the suburbs and the city began to rebrand the area in the 1970s to bring back the appeal. This is when the neighborhood received the name Bella Vista.

With time more diverse newcomers to the city began to settle in the area. There was an influx of Vietnamese and Mexican immigrants to the area.  With the new residents, the neighborhood is now a culturally diverse atmosphere that has not let go of its strong Italian roots.

Schools in Bella Vista

Students living within Bella Vista who attend public schools attend schools within the School District of Philadelphia. The specific schools in the district that serve Bella Vists are some of the most highly popular and highly rated schools in the district. These schools include Andrew Jackson Elementary School, William M. Meredith School, and George W. Nebinger School. All older students attend Furness High School.

Favortie Places in Bella Vista

The Italian Market

The Italian Market is actually America’s oldest continuously running outdoor market. The market is home to more than 200 shops. The market spans an impressive 20 city blocks. As noted in the history section the market began with the arrival of Italian immigrants to Bella Vista. The market is home to several family owned businesses that have been in the neighborhood for several generations. The market is a great place to not only find Italian cultural goods but also Vietnamese, Mexican, and Campboadian goods as well as good ol general locally owned businesses. The market is the scene of popular community events as well including the Block Party and the Market Festival.

Bella Vista Homes for SaleBardascino Park

Bardascino Park is one of the best loved public parks in Bella Vista. It was named after Giuseppe Basrdascino who lived on Carpenter Street and started the popular Italian Brass Band that played from 1912 to 1952. A major renovation happened at the park in 2003 to breathe new life into it. Today it is a well cared for outdoor space cleaned periodically by volunteers. The Bocce Ball court is one of the parks most popular features.

Palumbo Park and  Palumbo Rec Center

Both Palumbo Park and the Palumbo Rec Center were named after Frank Palumbo a permanent resident of Bella Vista. Palumbo was a restaurantuer, humanitarian, and somewhat of a local celebrity. Palumbo Park is located adjacent to the Fleischer Art Memorial it is a small pocket park in the community with a play structure and peaceful green space

The Palumbo Rec Center is located on 10th St. and home to several awesome community recreation programs for both children and adults. It is a great place to get to know your neighbors and discover new hobbies or enjoy ones you already love.

Philadelphia’s Magic Gardens

Philadelphia’s Magic Gardens is an immersive mixed media art space with two indoor areas and an outdoor exhibition. Isaiah Zagar created the mosaic wonder with the use of handmade tiles, bottles, bicycle tires and other pieces of art that chronicle his life and influences. He moved to the neighborhood in the 1960s and he and his wife Julia helped spur the revitalization of the derelict buildings in the area adding colorful mosaics. There are hundreds of mosaic mural art pieces in the area. It is one of Philadelphia’s most loved art venues.

Bel Arbor Community Garden

Once the site of Alexander Parker’s Botanic Garden in the 1820s, the spot now holds 23 individual plots for people to enjoy gardening in an urban atmosphere. It is also home to public garden spaces with a gazebo, Orchard, Meadow, trees, and a bricked barbecue area. Bell Arbor Community Garden is a great small space to enjoy nature in Bella Vista.

Center City

Bella Vista is less than a mile south of Center City making it within walking distance of this area of Philadelphia with several opportunities for dining, shopping, and entertainment. This is a plus because Center City is notoriously hard to find parking.

Bella Vista Real Estate

Bella Vista offers a diverse set of residential real estate properties. A large portion of homes in Bella Vista are row homes and trinity homes. Some homes house local businesses on the ground floor. There are several streets with gorgeous single family properties that feel like you have stepped into the suburbs. Some of the most popular streets for single family homes include Catherine and Fitzgerald.

Moving to Bella Vista

I’d love to help you find a home you love in Bella Vissta or any Philadelphia neighborhood or community. Bella Vista has home styles and many price points that draw people from all walks of life and buying budgets to this beautiful spot in South Philadelphia. Contact me at any time for more information on Bella Vista or any Philadelphia real estate or properties.

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