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Bell’s Corner is a very small portion of northeast Philadelphia tucked into the borders of Pennypack Park on three sides. It is notable for its quiet atmosphere and cultural heritage. This area of Philadelphia has great history being centered around one of the largest parks in the country. Today Bell’s Corner is a quaint collection of nicely kept homes and local businesses, some of which are recognized for their Russian cultural roots. Bell’s Corner has a significant number of Russian-Americans and is home to the popular Bell’s Market as well as a few newspapers printed in the Russian language.


About Bell’s Corner

Bell’s Corner is a small neighborhood in the far northeast corner of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. The neighborhood encompasses just over a square mile of land on the border of Pennypack Park. It is known for its cultural diversity and nicely kept homes on quiet streets. If you’re considering a move to Bell’s Corner, I’d love to share more about this amazing community. Read below the real estate listings to learn more about this Philadelphia suburb.

History of Bell’s Corner

Much of the recorded history of Bell’s Corner is centered around Pennypack Park. This area of Philadelphia was once bustling with farmland, mills, and large estates. This was the place first settled by many Swedish settlers who created homes around the banks of the creeks and later by William Penn and the Quakers who formed the Lower Dublin and Delaware Townships in the late 1600s which have since dissolved.

The Pannypack Mill was substantial in 1697 as a supplier to farmers in the area. Many of the farmers found themselves traveling by boat down the river and creek to reach the mill and thus a bridge was built to more easily cross the waters in the same year. This is the oldest stone arch bridge under continuous use in the country. The road that crosses the bridge has had many names over the years and is now Frankford Avenue. It was once the main roadway from Philadelphia to Trenton New York. The bridge has carried many prominent people for important missions.

As time went on more development sprouted around the park. At the time of the Great Depression the area such much recreational development that took Pennypack from just being an area of wilderness to an actual park. Many paths and walking trails were made around the creek as part of a program to help end the Depression under the Dew Deal’s Civil Works Administration. Later the W.P.A. took over and further brought recreational activities to the area most notable is the swimming holes that brought several people to the park. The park was a place for children and all residents of Philadelphia to enjoy life and forget about the tough times during the Great Depression.

Popular Spots in and Near Bell’s Corner

Bell’s Market

Bell’s Market is in a way the iconic landmark identifier that you are in Bell’s Corner. The market is located on Bustleton Avenue and is known for its stock of unique items from Russia and Eastern Europe. For some who live in the neighborhood, it is a place to find comfort foods from “back home.” But for everyone, it is a beloved market with some of the best and most unique items you can’t find anywhere else.

Pennypack Park

Pannypack Park is the largest and most notable park in Philly. It was established in 1905 and surrounds the Penypack Creek that flows to the Delaware River. The park is full of great ways to enjoy the outdoors including play structures, swimming areas, several hiking/walking/biking/horseback riding trails, historic ruins from old mills and the railroad, and the Pennypack Environmental Center.

Northeast Philadelphia Airport

The Northeast Philadelphia Airport is just across Pennypack Park from Bell’s Corner. It is the fourth busiest airport in Philadelphia. The airport offers commercial and business flights. Around the airport across the park are also several different shopping centers and restaurants. It is a larger hub of commercial amenities in Northeast Philly.

Roosevelt Mall

Not far south from Bell’s Corner to the west is the Roosevelt Mall. This is an outdoor shopping mall with many different stores including Macy’s, Target, Ross, Bath and Body Works, Foot Locker, and more.


Public Schools providing educational services to Bell’s Corner are part of the School District of Philadelphia. Specific public schools that provide service to Bell’s Corner include Louis H. Farrell Elementary School, Baldi Middle School, and Northeast High School.

Real Estate in Bell’s Corner

There is a good mix of properties in Bell’s Corner. Most homes are single-family properties, there are some townhome and apartment properties in the area as well. Home ages and styles are varied. You can find some great starter homes in the Bell’s Corner area that offer very affordable price points in Northeast Philadelphia which is one of the most largely populated areas of the city.

Finding a Home in Bell’s Corner

I’d love to help you find a home you love in Bell’s Corner. If your search includes other areas of Philadelphia, I am happy to help you find the home you are looking for in the greater Philadelphia area. Contact me at any time for more information on Bell’s Corner in Northeast Philadelphia real estate or any Philadelphia real estate or properties.

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