The Best Suburbs to Live When Commuting to Philadelphia

Philadelphia is a very large city and when people think of working in Philadelphia they often think of living within the city limits. There are actually a large number of Philadelphia employees who choose to live in the amazing suburbs around Philadelphia and commute into the city. The US census reports that somewhere around a quarter of 1 million Philadelphia area residents choose to reside in the suburbs of Philadelphia and commute into the city every day.

If you would rather live in a smaller and more laid-back atmosphere, a suburb that is easy to commute to work is probably just what you were looking for in the greater Philadelphia area. Let us show you some of the best suburbs for commuting in the Philadelphia area.

Greater Philadelphia’s Best Suburbs for Commuting

Using Public Transit

Chestnut Hill

Chestnut Hill is incredibly charming with its cobblestone streets and chic local boutique stores. It’s famous for its amazing local woodfired pizza and is one of the most beautiful places in greater Philadelphia to settle down. Germantown Avenue is the suburb’s main street full of charm and community festivals all throughout the summer. In the fall it is noted for the Harry Potter pub crawl. There is a ton to do here and the train makes easy access to downtown Philadelphia via a 40-minute ride.

Bryn Mawr

One of the most popular and most notable of Philadelphia suburbs is Bryn Mawr. There’s so much to do in Bryn Mawr you may never feel you need to leave unless it is time to get to work in the city. It has the easiest half-hour no-transfer a train ride out of Center City Philadelphia. Bryn Mawr has a great demographic of both established families and young professionals and a growing nightlife scene.

Suburbs with an easy commute and affordability


The Collingswood suburb of Philadelphia has a cost of living index that is equal to the current national average. This is one of the most affordable and quiet easy commutable suburbs in greater Philadelphia. Some of Philadelphia’s suburbs are notable for their impressive properties but they also come at a large price tag. Living in Collingsburg affords you a laid-back suburban varmint without the sticker shock. It is only an 18-minute train ride into the city making it even more enticing.


Ambler is a favorite spot for first-time homebuyers in Philadelphia. The suburb was rated one of the best by millennials and young professionals. Ambler is very walkable also making it highly desirable. Get into the city with a direct train commute of 40 minutes. The newly revitalized downtown area has new life breathed into it and is drawing several new residents to the area.

Great Car Commutes


This town with a funny name is often referred to as just Conshy. It is neither rural nor a party town but somewhere in between. It is a popular place for young professionals and young families. It is a balance of modern conveniences and a small-town laid-back atmosphere. There is plenty to do here with great restaurants, nice bars for nightlife, and plenty of shopping, and is just a 35-minute drive or 40-minute train ride to work.


The ideal picturesque postcard-style suburb. Swarthmore has tree-lined streets and a close-knit collection of residents. It is like something you would see on a sitcom. Crum Park is a popular recreational area with several walking trails, a pretty creek, and plenty of room to breathe fresh air.

It is home to Swarthmore College which brings a sense of energy and an artsy vibe. There is life but not in a party town sense, more of an “upscale” cultured sense. Be in Center City in 30 minutes via I-95 or 40 minutes on the Media/Elwyn train line.

Philadelphia is full of diverse and countless neighborhoods and beyond the city limits are some amazing suburbs that give an added layer of culture and entertainment to daily life. From luxury neighborhoods to affordable and walkable laid-back communities, don’t forget to check out what the entire greater Philadelphia area has to offer.

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