Bryn Mawr Homes for Sale

Bryn Mawr is a popular suburb west of  Philadelphia city limits on the mainline. The town sits high in the hills spilling across two counties and receiving its name from the first Welsch residents. Bryn Mawr means “big hill.” This countryside suburb of West Philadelphia continues to grow in desirability with several local hotspots and a great collection of neighborhood styles. I’d love to share more about this amazing community. Read below the real estate listings to learn more about this Philadelphia suburb.


About Bryn Mawr

Mix the quaint lush historic countryside, large extravagant houses both uniquely historic and brand new, affordable college housing, community festivities, upscale shopping, chic boutiques, a bustling downtown, quiet almost rural neighborhoods, trendy coffee houses, etc. and you have the town of Bryn Mawr. Named one of Pennsylvania’s most prestigious towns it is a highly desirable location on Philadelphia’s main line.Bryn Mawr Homes for Sale

What is the Philadelphia Mainline?

The main line is one of Philadelphia Pennsylvania’s most prominent suburban areas. The Philadelphia mainline is steeped in rich history. It is named the main line for its location along the main railroad line that ran through the area during the founding years of construction.

Currently, the main line is used to reference these prominent suburbs of Philadelphia that offer the best living communities and quick commutes to the city. Here you can find some of the most beautiful historic luxury homes. The Main Line is made up of 17 different towns throughout Pennsylvania. Montgomery, Delaware, and Chester counties hold these towns within their boundaries.

Philadelphia’s most prominent businessmen saw the industrial progress of other large cities and wanted to be able to keep Philadelphia on the map as one of America’s most important places. Entrepreneurs in New York formed the Erie Canal to open a large trade route and competition rose to the south in Maryland in the Baltimore area as the railroad had plans to connect into the Midwest. Wealthy business seekers in Philadelphia got into the development competition by building the railroad.  It traversed 82 miles from Philadelphia through Lancaster and ended in Columbia on the banks of the Susquehanna River. Business owners got the state to support the railroad and it became the first government-funded railroad project.

The railroad became too large and too expensive to finish so the Pennsylvania Railroad Company officially took it over and built three stops along the tracks that eventually grew into the 17 that stand today. At first, the train carried cargo and then became a commuter line. The ease and convenience of travel along the main line to jobs in the city brought Philadelphia’s elite to set up homes in Philadelphia’s countryside. Now the mainline is a prominent location for Philadelphia’s most desirable suburbs.

Bryn Mawr History

Bryn Mawr has strong Welsch roots and was part of the Welsch Tract, which was an attempt at a separate county in the Philadelphia area that would use the Welsch language as the primary communication. This system of government was arranged with William Penn in 1684. The system never formally came to fruition, but many towns like Bryn Mawr that were intended to be in the Tract still hold their Welsh names.

As mentioned above, Bryn Mawr means big hill in Welsch and was named after an estate in Dolgellau in Wales. The estate was the property of one of the Welsh Quakers who settled in the area in 1686. The Quakers set up many businesses along the mainline that attracted more people to settle in. Several of these carefully designed and ornate historic buildings still stand today including the hotel, the Bryn Mawr College, and the Bryn Mawr Hospital.


Young students in Bryn Mawr attending public schools attend schools under the supervision of the Lower Merion School District, Radnor Township School District, and the School District of Haverford Township depending upon which portion of Bryn Mawr they reside as Bryn Mawr is located in two different Pennsylvania counties.

Bryn Mawr is home to very outstanding private educational institutions as well. Including the Sacred Heart Academy of Bryn Mawr, the Shipley School, and the Balwin School.

Bryn Mawr is well-known as the home of Bryn Mawr College which in its beginning was a Quaker institution. Today it is a Women’s College well regarded for its focus on excellence.

Favorite Places in Bryn Mawr

Bryn Mar may be a bit removed from Center City Philadelphia, but it is a sought-after location to live for all of its things to do. Many of which are located in the center along Lancaster Avenue.

Ludington Library

Located across the street from the train station, this public library was recently renovated and offers several great books to borrow an amazingly peaceful atmosphere, and community programs.

Saturday Farmers Market

On Saturdays, the train station parking lot becomes one of the most beloved local marketplaces. Come experience the best local grocery goods and locally made foods as well as unique goods.

Local Restaurants

One of the favorite reasons to be in Bryn Mawr is the amazing local restaurants. Some favorites include Lourdas, as well as Zoe’s Kitchen, and don’t forget Bakery House.

Clover Market

This is much like a farmers’ market but with home goods. The outdoor weekly gathering of local vendors provides one of the most unique shopping experiences in the area. A great way to get a feel for Bryn Mawr’s culture.

Film Institute

If you are into artsy and unusual cinema then check out the shows played for the public at the Bryn Mawr Film Institute.


Bryn Mawr has many great community events one of the most popular is the Twilight Concert Series. Held seasonally every weekend in summer enjoy local live music.

Bryn Mawr Real Estate

Bryn Mawr offers a great collection of property types and is most notable for the large prestigious estate-style homes. The north side of Bryn Mawr is located in Lower Merion Township in Montgomery County. This area is home to a large number of impressive historic mainline mansions. In fact, this part of Bryn Mawr has more original mainline estates than most mainline suburbs. There are newer homes on the north side of Bryn Mawr as well, for the most part, you can expect homes in this area to offer ample square footage.

The south end of Bryn Mawr is a bit smaller located within Haverford Township. The most notable of neighborhoods in the south is Coopertown. this area is loved for its friendly neighbors yet still retains a quiet privacy to it. Here you will find charming two-story colonial-style homes.

Rounding out the distinct sections of Bryn Mar is the Radnar Township area with large prominent estate-style homes much like the most popular north-end locations, Radnar is also home to some modern subdivision neighborhoods as well. Foxfields and Radnar Chase are two of the most popular neighborhoods in the area.

Looking for the Perfect Bryn Mawr Home

I’d love to help you find a home you love in Bryn Mawr. If your search includes other areas of Philadelphia, I am happy to help you find the home you are looking for in the greater Philadelphia area. Contact me at any time for more information on Bryn Mawr’s real estate or any Philadelphia real estate or properties.


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