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Building Your Fortune Through Owned Real Estate

Over the past 200 years, owned real estate has proven to be the most dependable wealth-building asset. But recently, with the “Great Recession,” critics have argued that homeownership is not as reliable as it once was. In response, many studies have demonstrated that homeownership still yields greater wealth than renting.

Most notable are these 3 financial benefits of owning real estate:

1. Leverage. Property owners, unlike renters, have the ability borrow against their home’s principal (HELOCs) and invest in other opportunities.

2. Tax Benefits. Homeowners can use property to minimize their taxable base (interest, insurance deductions), while renters have fewer options. Also, commercial investors can take advantage of tax benefits of land in opportunity zones.

3. Inflationary Hedge. Owned property is a great way to offset inflation risk; real estate tends to appreciate in inflationary times, whereas fixed-income assets are more vulnerable to devaluation.

Want to read more? Check out these studies from Harvard JCHS and Urban Institute.

Ultimately, the choice to invest is yours, and I’m here to help. Whether you’re a first-time buyer, motivated seller, seasoned investor, ambitious agent, or anywhere in between, I look forward to working together!

– Leron Grossman, Real Estate Broker & Investment Expert | Office: 215-709-0909

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