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What to Do When You’re Looking for Houses for Sale in Philadelphia

Philadelphia, often called “Philly,” is a vibrant city that is a favorite for folks who live there for its economics, diversity, and activity. It’s the kind of city that is recognizable and known by most Americans. Therefore, it’s no wonder so many people want to live there. When it comes to looking for houses for sale in Philadelphia, various steps need to be followed to achieve the highest possible success. Some are easier than others, but they all assure you have the best chance to properly get the home in Philadelphia that you seek.

1. Nothing Happens Without Proper Financing

You should never look for a home without proper financing. This is rule number one. Most people can’t afford to purchase a home without some sort of financing. So ask yourself, “can I afford the house I want?” What kind of mortgage can you handle? Is the interest rate low enough for you or are you trying to bite off more than you can chew? There are online mortgage calculators that can help you determine how much you can afford to spend on a home in Philadelphia. Of course, a bank or loan officer can also help you with this step.

2. Decide What Area of Philly You Want to Live

Where do you want to live in Philadelphia? One of the positives about the city is that it features many desirable neighborhoods. For example, Chestnut Hill is not only a lovely neighborhood that feels more homey than urban, but it is safe, and there are a lot of things to do whether it is visiting museums, going to parks, going to the theater, etc. Or, Fishtown, a hipster haven that has gone through gentrification and is the perfect place for a young couple looking for an urban feel. Or, Graduate Hospital, which is considered an excellent place for families. Research the neighborhoods in Philly and decide where you want to live. Once you determine where you want to live, do even more research to determine if the area has everything you need. If you have children or plan to have children, what are the schools like? If you enjoy exercising and beauty treatments, does the area have gyms, spas, beauty salons, etc? What are the grocery stores like? What banks are in the area? Do a thorough check of the neighborhood and all of its amenities.

3. Never Buy the First Home You See

When you’re looking for houses for sale in Philadelphia, never choose the first home you see. Review at least three homes before you make a decision. With that said, make three your limit. Even though you don’t want to go with the first home you see, you should not make it the goal to look at a lot of homes in the area you choose. Why? Because a good home sells fast. If you see something you like, but you take the time to look at many other houses, the home you like could very well get sold to someone else. Instead, look at no more than three homes and if you see one you want out of those three, go with the one you want.

4. When you Find a House, Focus on the Major Changes Needed

Unless you’re purchasing a brand new home, chances are there may be at least one significant change needed. Major changes are what you should focus on, not minor aesthetic changes required. For example, if all a home needs is a good paint job, that’s an easy fix. But if the home is in desperate need of a new roof, that’s a significant change, and you need to ensure that you can afford to make the repair or you need to work it out in the cost of the home to deduct the cost of replacing the roof.

5. Go with a Real Estate Agent

Of course, you can buy a home on your own, but it’s not recommended. A real estate agent in the Philly neighborhood you’re interested in is the best person who can pinpoint the kind of homes that would be of interest to you. Without a real estate agent’s knowledge and expertise, you could find yourself running off course and taking longer to get to the kind of homes you want.

6. Be Sure a Lawyer Reviews Any Contracts

You’ve found the neighborhood in Philly, and you’ve found a home in that neighborhood. Now the papers are being drawn, but they will need your review and the review of a lawyer, preferably a real estate lawyer. Real estate contracts are long and detailed, and it’s crucial that you understand what you’re signing. A lawyer can help you review the contracts and answer any questions you may have.

Follow these steps to ensure that when you’re looking for houses for sale in Philadelphia that you do it right.

Houses For Sale in Philadelphia

Houses For Sale in Philadelphia

Houses For Sale in Philadelphia
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