Living Near Philadelphia’s Pennypack Park

Philadelphia is home to some of the most amazing and beautiful public parks. One of the largest and most notable is Pennypack Park. It is a large park but stands at number three in size of Philladelphia’s public park system. The park holds much history in Philadelphia and is bisected by Pennypack Creek.

If you are looking for a Philadelphia home that allows you to enjoy the great outdoors frequently minutes from your home you might want to consider a home near Pennypack.

Living Near Philadelphia's Pennypack Park

What It’s Like to Live Near Pennypack Park in Philadelphia

Experience Some of Philadelphia’s History

Pennypack Park and the surrounding area were once bustling with farmland, mills, and large estates.  Swedish settlers first created homes around the banks of the creeks and later William Penn and the Quakers formed the Lower Dublin and Delaware Townships around the late 1600s.

Pennypack Mill operated along the creek in 1697 as a supplier to farmers in the area. Farmers accessed the mill by boat down the Delaware River to the south and then accessed the creek to reach the mill. Later a bridge was built to more easily cross the creek and gain quick access to the mill. The bridge built across the creek is the oldest stone arch bridge under continuous use in the country. The road that crosses the bridge has had many names over the years and is now Frankford Avenue. It was once the main roadway from Philadelphia to Trenton New York.

Living Near Philadelphia's Pennypack Park

Since the earliest days of settlement, there has been vast change and a large increase in development around Pennypack. At the time of the Great Depression, the park went from being an area of open wilderness to an actual park. Several miles of paths and walking trails were developed around the creek as part of a program to help end the Depression under the Dew Deal’s Civil Works Administration. Later the W.P.A. took over and further brought recreational activities to the area most notable is the swimming holes that brought several people to the park. The park was a place for children and all residents of Philadelphia to enjoy life and forget about the tough times during the Great Depression.

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What There Is to Do in the Park Today

The park is a lushly wooded outdoor escape from the city today. The most popular activity in the park is hiking/walking the paved and unpaved trails on the banks of Pennypack Creek.

As you walk through the park and explore if you look long enough you will begin to spot historic remnants from the park’s earliest days left behind to fade into the landscape on their own. Remnants of old railroad tracks, bits of homes that once stood near the creek, and of course the famous longest-standing roadway on the bridge across the creek.

If you are a horse lover this is a fun spot to take a horse for a ride along the bridal trails further out from the creek but still within a visible distance overlooking the water. The trails are also one of the best spots for biking in all of the city.

In addition to the popular trails are play structures and the Pennypack Park Environmental Center.  The center is home to an amphitheater, an outdoor campfire pit, picnic areas, informational exhibits, and a reference library. They host several fun events for kids throughout the year, one of the most popular is Applefest.

Applefest is an annual fall event hosted by the Environmental Center at the Fox Chase Farm on the north border of the park. The event costs $5 for admission. Enjoy fun games, apple cider, candle dipping, live music, pumpkin painting, and the chance to purchase local goods like apple butter, honey, and crafts.

Living Near Philadelphia's Pennypack Park

Neighborhoods Surrounding the Park

The park is large and several northeast Philadelphia neighborhoods share a border with the park. They include areas such as Bell’s Corner, Lexington Park, Rhawnhurst, Blue Grass, Holme Circle, Fox Chase, LaGrange, Ashton Woodenbridge, Vereville, and Upper Holmesburg.

If you are looking for a home in Philadelphia near a large outdoor space check out the community pages in the links above of Pennypack Park neighborhoods. If you would like more information about these neighborhoods or available homes within them please contact me. I can also help you find homes near other great Philadelphia Parks. Contact me anytime for all Philadelphia area real estate needs.

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