If you have listed your Philadelphia home for sale or are considering listing your home for sale the holidays are just around the corner and this can mean the need to pack up your belongings during the holidays.

Moving during November and December doesn’t have to be overwhelming and stressful to where you regret selling your home in the first place. With the right tips and tricks and a lot of preemptive organization moving during the holidays can be fairly stress-free.Packing Up Your Philadelphia Home During the Holidays

Packing Up Your Pennsylvania Home During the Holidays

Block Off Time In Your Calendar

Allow yourself plenty of time for the moving process. It is never too early to begin packing and forming a plan of how you will get things done. Look at your calendar from the date you plan to move if you have one and work backward allowing about three to four weeks for the process without having to rush things.

Plan Holiday Fun Outside of the House

There is a lot going on at home and you are trying to keep your Pennsylvania house pristine for home showings and then comes getting everything you own out of the house. This is no time to host a party. Be willing to have this holiday season be different from the normal. If your tradition is hosting a Christmas party consider having the party hosted at a friend’s house or if you can afford to rent a venue.

Things will be different but you don’t have to give up everything you traditionally love to do during this time. Find some fun events outside of the house and dream about enjoying your usual traditions in your dream home next year.

It’s Never Too Early to Start Packing

As soon as you list your Philadelphia home for sale, start packing boxes little by little. Getting a head start on packing before your home is even sold can be very helpful. This allows you to pack at a slower rate and even declutter your home to get it ready for viewing.

Pack things little by little to not feel overwhelmed. It is not uncommon for homeowners to hit burnout trying to pack everything all at once. Have a system in place for each session of packing. Start with packing summer clothes one day, the next day try to accomplish the guest room.

Consider the items that you won’t need to use for a long time and start packing those first. For example, the water skis and pool floats probably won’t be usable until after you are well settled into your next home. Pack items like everyday dishes and your most used pans for cooking last. A great way to not feel like you are aimlessly picking a packing goal for the day is to make a list of what you own that you aren’t using and work toward the items you use the most. Then make a loose schedule of what you should start packing first.

Don’t Be Too Hard on Yourself

The holidays are a busy time and even if you are not preparing to sell your Philadelphia home and find you next dream dwelling you can feel overwhelmed with olibgations of celebrations and showing up to every invitation. When you are planning out your move on your calendar, make sure to leave space open to just pack or just rest. Also be sure to keep you schedule felixble so you are ready and available when you receive a call that someone wants to tour your home or that you have received an offer. Tell people you are in the middle of selling your home and let them know that you will pencil in coming to a party or event but might need to bow out at the last minute or only come to a portion of the festivities. Don’t feel like you have to do all the things this year. Dont put that stress on yourself.

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