Don’t Miss the 2024 Philadelphia St. Patrick’s Day Parade

Don't Miss the 2024 Philadelphia St. Patrick's Day Parade

If you are moving to or have just moved to Philadelphia at this time of year, you don’t want to miss a fun St. Patrick’s Day tradition, the annual St. Patrick’s Day Parade.

The 2024 Philadelphia St. Patrick’s Day Parade

About the Parade

The most important thing to note for new Philadelphia residents about this year’s parade is the date. This year’s parade is not on St. Patrick’s Day it is the weekend prior. The 2024 parade is on March 10th at 11 am it starts at the intersection of 16th and JFK.

This long-standing Philadelphia tradition is always hosted on the Sunday before St. Patrick’s Day. This means that if St. Patrick’s Day is on a Sunday the parade will be the weekend before St. Patrick’s Day weekend not on St. Patrick’s Day weekend. There are about 20,000 participants in the parade making it the largest parade in the area. The parade has more than 200 groups participating in an average year including marching bands, youth groups, Irish associations, dance groups, and many more community interest groups. St. Patrick’s Day has long been an important day in Philadelphia celebrated by Irish Americans since 1771. This parade has been an important part of St. Patrick’s Day celebrations since the late 1800s. The St. Patrick’s Day Observance Association which now hosts the parade took over in 1952. The Irish American culture in Philadelphia is a significant one and the history of the parade is important and interesting in Philadelphia culture.

About the 2024 Parade

It is also important to note that March 10th is Daylight Savings Time. That’s right Sunday, March 10th is time to Spring Forward. All clocks need to be set an hour ahead at 12-midnight to start the day. Don’t miss the parade by forgetting to turn your clock one hour ahead.

This year’s parade theme is St. Patrick, Bless Philadelphia with a New Dawn of Hope.

The parade starts on 16th and JFK and winds to its ending point at 5th and Market St. This year’s Grand Marshal will be Thomas J. Farrelly. The ring of honor for the parade will include Michael Boyce, Sarah Conaghan, John P. Delaney Jr, Esq., Art Hunter, Maureen McGlone, Battalion Chief John McGuire P. F. D., and Karen Conaghan Race.

Watching the Parade on TV

The CBS Philadelphia affiliate Philly 57 will broadcast the parade on March 10 from noon to 3 PM. If you would like to watch a re-broadcast of the parade on St. Patrick’s Day weekend you can watch it on Friday, March 15 on CBS Philadelphia from 9 AM to noon. You can also watch a re-broadcast on St. Patrick’s Day March 17 on Philly 57 from noon to 3 PM.

Attending Parade Mass

Every year there is a mass service before the parade begins. This year the parade mass will be celebrated by Archbishop Nelson Perez and Chaplain Father Kevin Gallagher. The procession will be led by Joe Tobin and the Philadelphia Emerald Society pipe band, Bishop Shanahan High School Choir, and Cantor Karen Voice McCallum. The mass service will be held at 9 AM at Saint Patrick’s Church located at 20th and Locust in Philadelphia.

More Information and Details

If you would like more information and details about the parade including information about the Marshall and the groups that you can see in the parade you can go to the parade website. You can also visit the Facebook page for the parade to get all of the final details.

St. Patrick’s Day truly is a special time in Philadelphia, especially for the many Irish Americans who live in the greater Philadelphia area. If you have just moved to Philadelphia or planning to move here it is something that you don’t want to miss to take in the special culture of Philadelphia at this time of year.

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