Philadelphia Suburbs with Walkable “Downtown” Areas and Neighborhoods

Philadelphia Suburbs with Walkable Downtown Areas and Neighborhoods

Finding a walkable location to live is highly desirable on many Philadelphia homebuyer’s lists. Luckily Philadelphia has countless great walkable neighborhoods and several desirable suburbs with walkable downtown areas. Philadelphia suburbs have long been some of the most desirable locations to live in Pennsylvania. Let’s check out some of the most walkable neighborhoods in the Philadelphia suburbs.


Armore just might be the most notable and popular of Philadelphia neighborhoods. This is because it is on Philadelphia’s main line. Not only is it on the main line it has earned the nickname of “The  Main Street of the Main Line.”

Ardmore has earned a walk score of 92 and has a great downtown area that has only picked up in popularity in the last few years. The nickname comes from the largest and most frequented downtown area along Philadelphia’s main line. There is also the nearby Suburban Square which is one of America’s first planned shopping centers. The area first started as a town built around the motor vehicle industry when the Auto Car Company was present and building trucks out of a plant located there. Today it is a growing hub of popular restaurants and businesses and one of the best Philadelphia suburbs for nightlife. Ardmore Music Hall is one of the most popular venues as are the great local craft breweries.


Narberth is also located on the Philadelphia main line. It is the only borough along the main line. This area is beloved for its community spirit and tight-knit family-friendly atmosphere. The borough receives a walk score of 90. Living in Narberth is more like living in a picturesque small town. This is a great place to be if you want a walkable neighborhood that still has a small-town vibe which can be hard to find. Many of the shops you will find in the downtown area of Narberth have been around for several decades and are well-beloved and established. American Family Supermarket and The Cheese Company Gourmet Emporium are two long-standing favorites in the borough. The favorite restaurants include the Great American Pub as well as The Greeks. The town is home to a vintage movie theater that has been in its spot since 1927. Though the town remains small and close-knit many residents can get by day-to-day without ever needing their car.

Bryn Mawr

Bryn Mawr is another one of Philadelphia’s most notable and popular suburbs. This is yet another main line location that shares a border with the large and popular main line suburb of Ardmore. The most notable landmark in Bryn Mawr is the women’s college and this brings a boost in the population to the neighborhood. It also brings a host of great activities to enjoy including performing arts and live music at the Bryn Mawr Twilight Concert Series in the summer. Another well-known landmark of Bryn Mawr is the Film Institute which is consistently hosting showings of a wide range of films for anyone who loves the true art of filmmaking and cinematography. All around these large and prominent parts of the community are several small boutiques and art galleries and some of the Philadelphia area’s favorite restaurants. Bryn Mawr is also a great place to settle in offering great health care at Bryn Mawr Hospital just south of the town center. Bryn Mawr suburb offers a walk score of 86.


Also coming in with a walk score of 86 is the suburb of Wayne. Wayne has a history dating back to 1881. A banker by the name of Anthony Drexel and a public ledger publisher by the name of George Childs established the area centered on a mansion named Luella. The mansion was named after another banking friend’s daughter. The mansion no longer stands but there are several historic buildings in the area including impressive historic hotels, houses, and businesses along the Victorian Regional Rail Station. The founders had a goal of making Wayne a destination where all the conveniences to which residents of cities are accustomed. Today Wayne remains its own hub of amenities and interesting things to do within a walkable distance from several homes in the suburb.

These are just a handful of the great suburbs of Philadelphia. If you are interested in areas around greater Philadelphia to settle into just outside of the city I can help. Contact me anytime with your greater Philadelphia real estate needs. I am ready to help start the adventure of finding your perfect Philadelphia home.