Styling a Living Room Library in Your Philadelphia Home

Styling a Living Room Library in Your Philadelphia Home

One of the biggest and fastest-growing home decor trends right now is books. Books are the new succulents. Filling your living room full of books is quickly gaining popularity across social media and home libraries are popping up all across the country.

Reading is cool again. Not e-books but actually hard copies of books. The most popular of book decorating trends is collecting only books you have actually read.  Bringing a library into your home can be a great way to add interest and luxury to a home. Follow along for tips on creating a personal library in your Philadelphia home.

Ways to Style a Living Room Library in Your Philadelphia Home

Start Small

A library doesn’t have to be giant to make a style impact in a room. There is no need to go out and buy a million dollars worth of books to fill up the room. Your books can make a decorative impact with a small quality bookcase. If your collection of books is small this is the best way to start. A small collection of books doesn’t look so small in a smaller space to hold them.

Think Vertically

If you are small on space, want to bring in a bookshelf, and are not sure where it would fit, consider looking for space higher up on the wall. You might make use of space right next to the ceiling. With a shelf that reaches up high, you can incorporate a rolling ladder. If you have the floorspace a ladder is a design element that brings a home library up a notch. It draws the eye to your books and makes it feel like a luxurious space.

Organize Differently

Instead of the traditional alphabetical organization of books on a shelf consider grouping your literature by the color of the cover. This not only brings books into the room it turns them into a work of art in the room. It makes them a high focal point. It is eye-catching.

Be a Square

If you are someone who likes to keep your nose in the books you might already be considered a square. But we are talking about the bookshelf here. Instead of choosing the traditional long shelf format opt for square shelves that are divided both vertically and horizontally. Using a shelving system that is more like a series of cubes stacked together brings a different visual interest to the space.

There are many ways to bring architecturally different bookshelves into your space. Shop around for bookcases. You don’t have to buy or build bookshelves in your room that are traditional. Let them continue the style story of the rest of the room. Shop around. Take your time. Find an interesting bookshelf that truly fits in with the rest of the space. Or if you want the bookshelf to make the welcoming statement and catch your eye before anything else choose something that creates some interesting contrast.

Use More Than Books

Your shelves don’t have to be full of books alone. Use some space for fun bookends, a few knick-knacks, artwork, and more. There are several things you can incorporate in your book collection to bring even more interest to the shelves. Those succulents you were collecting a few years ago… they would look great next to your budding book collection.

A bookshelf is made even more interesting with the use of other decorative elements. Another popular bookshelf element is photos. This is a great place to display personal photos. Especially if you want to switch photos out over time. There are no holes in the wall to patch which makes it much easier to switch out photos or get a whole new frame with a different-sized photo.

The bookshelf or library trend is quickly growing in home decor trends. There are many ways you can bring the trend into your Philadelphia home. Whether you go small or dedicate an entire wall to your books it is a trend that will always create style in your space long after the fad has faded.

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