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The Power of Influence

In the competitive real estate market, we need every possible edge. Reading books by smart people—and implementing what you learn—can significantly increase your success. I transformed my business after reading Robert Cialdini’s bestseller, Influence: The Psychology of Persuasion.

Here are three top tips from Cialdini to help drive your real estate business success:

1. Reciprocity. When we give, people are hardwired to give back – and one way to do that is by becoming a buyer. One study found that shoppers were 42% more likely to buy if they were gifted a sample. In real estate, incentives like closing cost credits can activate reciprocity and lead to a sale.

2. Social Proof. When we’re unsure about a decision, we look to others for help. 77% of consumers read reviews to help choose a local business. Positive reviews will get “browsing” clients to pick up the phone.

3. Scarcity. Consumers perceive things as more desirable when availability is limited. How does this apply to real estate? Try capping an open house to 1-2 hours. You’ll be surprised how many people show up!

Ultimately, the choice to buy or sell is yours, and I’m here to help. Whether you’re a first-time buyer, motivated seller, seasoned investor, ambitious agent, or anywhere in between, I look forward to working together!

– Leron Grossman, Real Estate Broker & Investment Expert | Office: 215-709-0909